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Chapter 791 It Was an Accident

  • Ye Moxuan stared intently at her as her eyes moved about frantically—unsure of where to look. She was too embarrassed to look straight at him after she was caught in that situation. He actually asked if I was a pervert? She wanted to bury her face in her hands and cry. Ye Moxuan thought of her as a pervert now. Lifting her eyes, she looked at him with a pitiful gaze. “I-I didn’t do that on purpose. It was an accident.”
  • Her pitiful gaze made her beautiful, placid eyes look more delicate to him. Duanmu Xue had given him that same look before, but it only made him agitated, wishing that she would stay further away from him.
  • He wondered, Do all women like to do this? Do they think that they are cute? Do they think they can get a man to pity them with just this one look? But that moment proved that it depended on who the woman was. For example, Han Muzi, who was standing in front of him. He suddenly thought she looked rather… cute.
  • He leaned his chest down at her on impulse. Surrounded by his masculinity, she instinctively raised her hands in front of herself. “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Remember when I asked you if I was the reason you joined the company but you kept denying it?” He narrowed his eyes and reached out to pinch a strand of hair away from the side of her cheek. “You’ve been caught red-handed now.”
  • She looked at him at that proximity with a dazed expression and enlarged eyes.
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