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Chapter 1152 Did Something Happen?

  • Luo Huimei had been extremely worried ever since Yan and Li Sihan left, and she began to regret being such a useless mother to her daughter. She had discussed with Yan once about how she felt that Li Sihan was so unremarkable and unassuming that it was strange. So, why did I still let Yan leave with him? As time ticked by, her anxiety grew stronger and stronger. It reached a point where she wanted to close the shop for the day and go out to search for her daughter.
  • Mr. Zhou saw her fidgeting anxiously, so he said, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been anxious since our daughter left. Did something happen?”
  • Hearing those words, her worry grew. Then, she sat down in front of him. “Don’t you think that there is something strange about that Li Sihan?”
  • “He seems fine. Why are you being suspicious of him? What’s the problem? Isn’t he getting along well with Yan?” he replied.
  • “It’s suspicious precisely because there’s not a single thing wrong with him! Think about it; when Mrs. Zhang introduced potential suitors to the others, has she ever introduced a good man to them? There was always one problem or another with them. Originally, I was against this. Anyway, it’s not like we are desperate to find a partner for our daughter, right? I don’t know what Yan was thinking when she accepted the blind date!”
  • “What else would she be thinking about? Doesn’t she just want to get married? If she doesn’t want to get married, why would she go on a blind date?” he retorted.
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