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Chapter 519 Why Am I So Disgusting

  • Han Muzi hugged Yan when she got back safely. “Alright, I know it’s been hard on you. This is a one-time thing. Besides… you kissed my brother. Just consider it your duty as my future sister-in-law to look after me.”
  • Initially, Yan was blinded by rage, but she couldn’t help but blush furiously the moment Han Muzi mentioned Han Qing. “What nonsense are you spouting? Who are you calling sister-in-law?”
  • “What is it now?” Han Muzi clung to her arm. The two of them walked into the residential area together. “Do you not want to be my sister-in-law?”
  • “Of course I do, but…”
  • “Well, enough said then.”
  • “Stop talking about me. What happened to you? Why did you travel back and forth to the hospital? Did Ye Moxuan make you run errands again?”
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