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Chapter 1451 The Past

  • Ever since He Lianjing was young, he had lived in an environment where his father would beat his mother up every day. Whenever he had a bad day or his mother talked back to his father, his alcoholic father would pick up anything to beat his mother.
  • He Lianjing had been heavily influenced since young; he would hold extreme views while holding grudges against his father at the same time. Moreover, he had gradually gotten more extreme as he grew older. From feeling sorry for his mother, he had become hateful toward his mother for her cowardness.
  • Whenever he asked his mother to leave the monster that was his father, his mother would always hold his head in his arms and say, “Silly boy, we won’t be able to live on without him.”
  • He Lianjing would say, “I will make money, Mother. When I’m all grown up and able to take care of you, we shall leave the He Family, alright?”
  • His mother shook his head while crying before she wrapped him in her arms. “Lianjing, don’t say this in front of your father. He will get mad if he hears you saying that. I’m doing fine, so please don’t hate your father. Your father has treated me well in the past; it’s just that he has changed now. We need to believe that your father will get better one day, alright?”
  • He Lianjing, who was still young at that point in time, really believed what his mother had said; he was pure and innocent back then. After all, he really thought his father would change for the better.
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