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Chapter 1081 Setting Your Mind on One Person

  • As for her, she always tried to preserve her energy by moving forward one step at a time. Then, she was able to use her energy effectively to boost her chances of reaching the top.
  • Seeing Han Muzi smiling without saying anything, Yan pursed her lips unhappily. “This is unfair! This is unfair!”
  • Xiao Su couldn’t bear watching Yan like this, so he explained to her himself.
  • After listening to his explanation, Yan finally understood, but she immediately projected her embarrassment and rage on him. “So, the two of you knew about this. Then, why did you not remind me from the start? Do you not feel bad watching me waste all of my energy?” It wasn’t enough for her to only use her mouth, so Yan started to hit Xiao Su with her limbs.
  • A smile crossed Xiao Su’s lips as he felt resigned yet satisfied. With caring eyes, he then gazed at Yan. “I did not remind you because I knew that you would be tired eventually, but you did not exhaust your energy completely at that time. As long as you follow my method by recovering your strength while you move forward, then it should not be a problem.” As he finished, he lifted his head to have a look. “However, by the looks of it, we may need to rest a few more times on the way.”
  • If it was just him, he would have reached the top in one go, but there were two girls in the group. Young ladies usually have poor physical fitness. Even though Young Lady Ye knows how to preserve her energy, it doesn’t mean that she has enough of it. Even if she preserves and recovers her energy, she will still exhaust all of it in the end. Furthermore, she is pregnant. I should let them rest before she uses up all of her energy.
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