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Chapter 1360 I’ve Acknowledged You

  • The train ticket that Yan bought was to a place far away. She had intentionally chosen a remote place. The two of them now had to sit on the train for almost two days. Initially, Yan thought it would be easier to go through this alone. However, Han Qing was now by her side and protecting her. She regretted buying a ticket for such a long journey. If she knew that he would be tagging along, she would have bought a ticket for a shorter trip. That way, the two of them could go their separate ways after arriving at the station.
  • At first, Yan kept crying while enveloped in a strange silence. After growing tired from all the crying, she fell asleep while holding onto the blanket. When she woke up, she did not know how much time had passed. The train was still moving, but a bright white moon in the shape of a fish belly could be seen in the sky outside the window, so she guessed that she had been asleep for a couple of hours. Her eyes did not hurt as much as before, but they were still uncomfortable. After all, she had not been getting much sleep lately.
  • After blinking her eyes, she closed them involuntarily. A moment passed, and she suddenly felt that something was wrong. It felt as if someone was touching her back—it was something warm and hot. After thinking about it carefully, Yan quickly gave a reaction. This is… Han Qing’s back.
  • After realizing that it was Han Qing’s back, Yan felt her body freeze. He’s lying down by my side? How long has he been here? How did I not realize it? Han Qing’s back was very warm and broad, giving her a sense of security. However…
  • “You’ve woken up?” As Yan was thinking, Han Qing’s low voice suddenly rang out. As their two backs were pressed against each other, she could faintly feel the vibrations when he spoke. He was asking her a question. However, Yan did not move and just continued to lie there quietly without answering him.
  • “Are you still angry at me?”
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