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Chapter 495 This Is My Fault

  • Ye Moxuan couldn’t help but look at her with raised eyebrows after hearing what she had to say.
  • A moment later, the corners of his mouth quirked as he spoke in a low and husky voice, “You’re much smarter now than I imagined.”
  • Han Muzi rolled her eyes at him. She had always been smart.
  • After Han Muzi bit her lips and tightened it, she turned over to look sharply at him. “So? If Doctor Song fancied her, then she must have a decent background, or else Doctor Song wouldn’t have simply introduced her to you. Hence, it’s possible that Lin Qingqing’s mother is a friend of Doctor Song’s. If that’s the case, do you still want to send her to court?”
  • “Yes,” Ye Moxuan answered without hesitation.
  • Han Muzi’s pink lips twitched as she was stumped. She didn’t expect him to be this resolute.
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