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Chapter 673 All for His Son

  • “Good morning, teacher,” Little Bean greeted his teacher, noticing the bag in her hand and raising his head. “Teacher, did my Mommy send my bag here?”
  • The teacher, who was taken aback by Ye Moxuan’s appearance, returned to her senses and nodded. “Yes. Your mommy sent the bag over just now. She said that someone will send you here later and is that… your daddy?”
  • As the two of them were exact replicas of each other, it was not her fault that she asked this question because it was rather obvious that they were father and son.
  • When he heard this, Little Bean turned around and shot a glance at Ye Moxuan, who just got down from the car. He thought about what Han Muzi had told him last night and was obviously still angry with that. But since they were in front of outsiders, Little Bean still planned to give Ye Moxuan some respect and nodded instead.
  • The group of teachers were shocked by the child’s admission as they kept guessing who his father was when they had never seen him. Now that they had finally met him, they were surprised that he was incredibly good-looking.
  • “I’ll pick you up in the afternoon?” Ye Moxuan ignored the rest of the teachers there and walked to Little Bean. He squatted and pressed his huge palm on Little Bean’s little head while asking him this question.
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