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Chapter 1390 You Don't Like Me

  • Liang Yahe came to her senses and smiled. She then responded, "You're right. Look at me; it seems like all that I can think about is you, and I've completely forgotten about the wedding today."
  • Jiang Xiaobai smiled, feeling embarrassed. Then, the door opened, and Xiao Su and Xiao Mingzhi came in. "Are you all ready?"
  • As he finished, Xiao Su looked over to Jiang Xiaobai, who was in a light green dress with a pearly white coat. Her legs looked fair and lean. On her feet were a pair of light-colored heels that were very high. Even though Xiao Su could not tell exactly how high they were, he subconsciously let out a frown as he saw them. "Are you able to walk in those heels?"
  • Jiang Xiaobai was surprised to hear that.
  • "You've always been wearing flats. Are you sure you're able to walk today?"
  • Before Jiang Xiaobai could respond, Liang Yahe interrupted as she stood right next to her, "How could you say this? Isn't it normal for girls to be in heels? And how does that make it harder for them to walk? If she's having difficulty, you can very well offer to help her. Xiaobai is your girlfriend—are you even aware of that?"
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