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Chapter 1546 A War Between Two Men

  • During dinner, Yan realized that one more person had joined the meal. She was the playmate of Little Bean, as well as the Young Mistress of the Tang Group, Tang Yuanyuan.
  • Looking at her chubby face, Yan couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Yuanyuan, it’s been a long time since we last met. You’ve become chubbier.”
  • Tang Yuanyuan batted her big eyes. Her skin had become even more translucent. Seated beside the tall and slim Little Bean, she was as soft as a pile of cotton. Not understanding Yan’s mockery, she flashed a silly smile to her.
  • This smile...
  • Yan was startled and turned to Little Sprout, who was seated beside her. She flashed the same kind of silly smile to her. In that instant, Yan’s mouth twitched. She remembered that the last time she met Tang Yuanyuan, her smile was cute and innocent. How did she become as silly as Little Sprout after mingling with her for some time? Could silliness be transmitted?
  • Time went by so quickly. Little Sprout was just an infant who had to be held in one’s arms back then, but now she could already sit on her own. After Han Muzi told Ye Moxuan to place all the dishes on the table, she took off her coat and took a seat.
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