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Chapter 1648 Sisterhood

  • Even the makeup artist was stunned. Just a while ago, Tang Yuanyuan was describing to her what kind of makeup she thought her bestie should have. Just as she was all ready to do that, who knew…
  • With the eyeshadow palette in her hand, the makeup artist dragged her assistant and took a few steps back.
  • "Fei, didn't we already agree to this? That day, you—"
  • "I don't think I agreed." Meng Kefei's voice sounded slightly cold when she looked up at her. "I wasn't planning on coming at all, but you had to invite me, so I had to come with a gift. I have something on right now, so may I leave?"
  • At this point, Tang Yuanyuan became nervous. "That's not what I meant. Wouldn't you like to stay just for a bit? Today's going to be an eventful day. Since we're the same age, I told my mother that we could have a joint ceremony."
  • "That's not necessary. Even though we were born in the same year, we weren't born on the same day. It's your coming-of-age ceremony today; not mine."
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