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Chapter 763 Getting Back His Memory

  • “Little Bean, did you study hard today? You didn’t bully anyone in school, did you?”
  • Listening to her, Little Bean immediately pouted in front of her and accused her, “Other moms are usually afraid that their precious baby will be bullied, but Mommy, you are worried that I’ll bully someone!”
  • “Of course I am. Look at who our Little Bean is. It will only be you bullying others and not the other way around, right?” Han Muzi smiled as she saw his pouted mouth and fuming face. She really wanted to pinch it, but it was too bad that they were on video call. Although she could see him, she still couldn’t touch him. Two of the most important men in her life were currently in that kind of situation, which made her feel powerless.
  • Hmph, you’re a bad mommy. You’re the one who bullies me.”
  • Han Muzi smiled, but she didn’t reply to him.
  • After a while, Little Bean’s eyelids suddenly drooped and he gazed at her miserably. “Mommy, can I go over to see you? Aunt Yan said that you have found Daddy. I… I also want…”
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