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Chapter 1491 Can’t Let My Wife Down

  • At the makeup artist’s question, everyone looked at Jiang Xiaobai. She was so embarrassed she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it. Immediately, her makeup artist rushed toward her saying, “Come, I’ll touch it up for you.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai could only sigh internally. As she went backstage to prepare herself for the ceremony, she saw Han Qing tagging along with Yan to give her blessing. Jiang Xiaobai then had a short chat with them.
  • After they left, Xu Yifei leaned against Jiang Xiaobai and said bitterly, “That man looks so handsome. Too bad he already has a wife.”
  • Hearing that, Jiang Xiaobai was taken aback. “You mean Yan’s husband?”
  • “Who else would it be? Your husband?”
  • “D*mn you!” Jiang Xiaobai was dissatisfied. She immediately stood up for Xiao Su. “Since when did my husband lose to him? My husband is much more handsome than he is!”
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