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Chapter 1261 You Wish

  • “Even so, do you still want to take me away?”
  • “Are you really sure someone will find out about your fake death? Maybe they’d think you died in a really bizarre way? I can fake it for you, you know.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai smiled confidently. “Trust me, nothing can hide from the sun. Sooner or later they’re going to find out. We can make a gamble if you dare.”
  • The man didn’t look too happy, though he was being more and more satisfied about Jiang Xiaobai, to the point that he admired her. In the end, he made a bit of struggle with himself before slowly letting her hand go. “You are one heck of a woman, missy. That I concur.” Jiang Xiaobai looked at him in displeasure, saying nothing. “Also, I want to say that I did fall for you for a bit there, but then I noticed that you’re really strong, so even if I managed to get you, I might be unable to keep you down. Oh, what unfortunate joke fate plays on us.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai’s lips twitched. “Piss off. Fate does not play a joke on us. Now that you have no plans, can we go back now?”
  • The man smiled. “You still want to go back? Aren’t you worried about meeting someone like me? Honestly, I want to live a quiet life, so I was shocked by your plan. My advice? Don’t come to places like these ever again, especially if you don’t have friends. They target girls who are alone. If you come across fugitives, they might kill you.”
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