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Chapter 1429 For the Rest of His Life

  • The flame from the candle wasn’t too big, and the fire was actually caused by something else. Young Han Qing was bored of waiting, so he probed his way to his room to look for his drawing book.
  • He was thinking that he could draw a photo of him with his parents and his grandfather as well. Although young Han Qing was only five years old, his drawing skills were excellent. After drawing his family members, young Han Qing hoisted his drawing book in the air, smiling happily.
  • Soon, young Han Qing was feeling dejected again because it was his birthday today, yet his grandfather did not come to keep him company. When was his grandfather going to accept his father? His father was clearly a good person.
  • Then, he made up his mind. He wanted to give this drawing to his grandfather, hoping that his grandfather would reduce whatever bias he had toward his own father.
  • Young Han Qing then stood up and prepared to keep his drawing away at the thought of this. However, the moment he stood up, he was so caught up with the thought that he had accidentally kicked the chair beside him. Thus, he stumbled forward and the drawing in his hands flew away, falling right on top of the candle.
  • The white sheet immediately caught fire the moment it came into contact with the flame. Meanwhile, young Han Qing held onto his knees as he knocked against them. By the time he had come back to his senses, the flame had already spread to the side.
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