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Chapter 1310 Are You Hiding Something From Me?

  • When she ran downstairs, she hurried back into her home and stuffed her bag into her drawer. It was filled with pregnancy test kits, so if Han Qing found out about it, it would be bad news for her. Something’s not right. Yan paused for a moment as she stared blankly at her bag. Why would Han Qing come to the shop to find me at this time? Therefore, she thought about Lin Xuzheng looking for her not long ago. Could it be that? But... Xuzheng clearly promised me that he will keep it a secret. Why would he tell him right after?
  • Just as she was thinking about it, the phone in her pocket started to vibrate. The vibration gave her a shock in such a quiet surrounding, so she quickly took it out to have a look. Then, she felt that her breathing almost stopped because the person calling her was Han Qing. She took a deep breath to calm her breathing before answering the call, “Hello?”
  • “I’ll go to your place.” Han Qing called her after hearing what Luo Huimei said to him—she even shared with him about Yan’s weird actions today.
  • “No need for that. I’m going out now. You wait for me while I go and look for you.” With that, Yan turned around to leave, but Han Qing’s firm voice came through the phone. “Listen to me. Stay at home and wait for me. Don’t move.”
  • Yan was rendered speechless.
  • “I’m your boyfriend. This is what I should do. I don’t know much, so you can order me around instead of following me everywhere. Do you understand?”
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