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Chapter 1118 Just to Wait for You

  • “I honestly don’t think it’s necessary, thanks,” Yan rejected the makeup artist in utter embarrassment. After that, she kept her head bowed without making conversation—it was obvious that she was shy about this.
  • “You are so shy. You’re already embarrassed over such a small matter. How did you manage to pursue President Han?”
  • Yan was rendered speechless when she heard that. Then, she looked up and into Su Jiu’s eyes. “In all honesty, I wasn’t shy at all previously when I pursued him. No, to be honest, I was shy, but…” I was probably bold in the beginning because I figured I could give it my all. Toward the end, I was rejected so many times that I lost hope. Feeling shy is a normal response, but I was previously bold because I followed whatever my heart demanded. It’s different now because I’m mostly dominated by worry and fear. I’ve placed my yearnings at the bottom of my priorities.
  • “But what?”
  • “Nothing.” Yan shook her head. She was excited just a second ago, but now, her head hung low. Seeing how dejected and disappointed Yan was, Su Jiu patted the former’s shoulders. “It’s alright. The past is the past and you are in the present now. You have the future to look forward to. There would be plenty of chances and timings waiting for you.”
  • Su Jiu’s words were very encouraging. As Yan repeated after her several times in silence, she finally chuckled in agreement. “Yup!”
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