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Chapter 1466 Aren’t You Afraid of Getting Pregnant?

  • “Alright.” Jiang Xiaobai had used to behave in such a way in front of Liang Yahe, so she didn’t think there was anything strange for behaving like this. She directly picked up the menu and looked at it thoroughly.
  • “I want to try this. Let’s not order this. It doesn’t seem good. Oh, and this…” Jiang Xiaobai’s fair fingers moved swiftly above the menu while Liang Yahe was staring at her with a pleased smile.
  • Du Yuxiao and Jiang Yanke could not help but exchange a look with each other as they saw that.
  • Why do I feel that our daughter is enjoying the attention naturally? Has she been very close to Xiao Su’s parents already? Or should I say Xiao Su’s parents are actually pampering Xiaobai dearly like their own daughter?
  • “Mrs. Jiang, you have no idea how I wished to have a daughter and ended up only having a son. I prefer to have a daughter than a son. Girls are always soft and lovely. The touch feels different if you carry a baby girl in hands. Look at how beautiful Xiaobai is. I really like her.”
  • Listening to Liang Yahe’s words, Du Xiaoyu immediately realized that she was pampering Xiaobai as her own daughter.
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