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Chapter 1433 Keep You Safe and Sound

  • See him one last time?
  • That was the phrase little Han Qing heard when the nurse led him over. He almost fell onto his knees at once, but the nurse managed to grab hold of him just in time.
  • However, little Han Qing’s mind was preoccupied with the words the doctor had said to his mother right then. The family of the injured may go inside to see him one last time. See him one last time, see him one last time…
  • Obviously, the nurse had heard the doctor saying that as well. She looked at the little kid next to her subconsciously before crouching down slightly. Then, she said, “Little boy, you…”
  • She wanted to tell him not to get too sad about it, but how could she say such a thing when he had just lost his father? How could he not be overcome with grief?
  • For a while, the nurse was at a loss for words. She had witnessed such a scene many times in the hospital; every time she saw something like this, she thought she might grow apathetic one day. However, her heart still ached immensely every time she saw loved ones being parted forever.
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