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Chapter 199 You Have No Right To Refuse

  • Shen Qi gave it some thought and raised her head to meet Ye Moxuan's eyes. “Don’t believe him; what he said isn't real. He only wants to save his company!”
  • “Alright,” Ye Moxuan sneered. “Tell me how exactly did she do me wrong.”
  • Shen Qi’s heart went cold. Is Ye Moxuan... so ready to believe him?
  • Lin Jiang’s eyes gleamed with a sense of complacency, and he failed to notice the blood-chilling sensation arising in Ye Moxuan’s gaze. He proceeded to speak in an animated fashion. “I was at the hospital with my wife when I saw Shen Qi there as well. I was about to approach her, but not before a guy walked up to her. They were intimate with each other and were obviously a thing. President Ye, this woman had an affair while she was married to me. Now, she probably thought you would be lacking in that sense—seeing that you are on a wheelchair—thus she went and got herself another man!”
  • Lin Jiang was so pleased about it and blabbered on as if he caught onto the last straw. There was an evil light within his eyes, but he was unaware of the fact that Ye Moxuan had been glaring at him while his aura froze over. “President Ye, I am telling the truth; Shen Qi is an outright whore who has absolutely no shame!“
  • Shen Qi was totally dumbstruck. She had expected him to reveal that they had never shared a bed, but he instead opted to slander her as a whore. While angered, Shen Qi had also realized just how blind she had been to fall for a man like Lin Jiang. Any favorable opinions she had toward him were basically nonexistent by that point and had taken another plummet into the realm of negativity, while her loathing of him just kept rising. On the other hand, relief washed over her; she was afraid it would raise Ye Moxuan’s suspicion regarding what she had told him about her baby.
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