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Chapter 750 She Has a Goal Now

  • “You don’t have to thank me.” Han Qing patted Han Muzi’s head and gently caressed her hair before he helplessly commented, “It took me a lot of effort to search for you, my younger sister. I don’t mind braving the storm for your sake.”
  • Su Jiu, who sat in the front passenger seat, thought to herself, Sob, that’s so moving. I feel the tears in my eyes. I also want an older brother who treats me well too. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a kind and generous older brother. On the contrary, I only have a gambler for a younger brother. Sigh, I shouldn’t compare myself to others, otherwise I might just die of anger.
  • Su Jiu was curious. “Miss Muzi, I heard you saying that you had an idea just now.” Did she really figure a way out after a nap?
  • Han Muzi nodded. “Since he works in this company, I would have to figure out a way to join the company.” I suppose he wouldn’t treat me like a stranger if I showed up in front of him as an employee of the company. She smiled at this thought and couldn’t help but feel pleased with her ingenuity.
  • “You planned to join this company?” Su Jiu was in shock, but she collected herself. “Right, you are more than qualified to do so. Why have I not thought of that? Although the Yuchi Family is involved in a wide variety of businesses, fashion design has always been their main industry. Furthermore, it’s your forte, Miss Muzi.”
  • Han Muzi nodded with a slight smile. Lady Luck is on my side this time.
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