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Chapter 1062 You Don’t Need to Remind Me

  • The restaurant got extremely busy at noon. Word must have spread on the internet as people rushed over to see Little Bean. Several internet celebrities heard about the cute little waiter at the newly opened ramen restaurant and wanted to get in with the crowd. To their surprise, they found a ‘No Photos’ sign when they arrived at the restaurant. If anyone took his picture without permission, legal charges would be made against them.
  • There were internet celebrities who liked to do live broadcasts and many of them would even film people on the streets openly. While they simply treated those people as background in their broadcasts, some of them would even humiliate or take advantage of those people.
  • In this case with Little Bean, if Yan had not stopped them, they would have spread his pictures all over the internet, affecting his livelihood in the future. Though they were immensely disappointed when they found out they could not take pictures, they were still impressed by how cute Little Bean was and by the taste of the ramen.
  • Meanwhile, in a private room at a 6-star hotel, two men sat facing each other. There were only the two of them in the grandiose private room which made the room feel unusually spacious. However, their presence seemed to have filled up those empty spaces.
  • Lin Xuzheng poured himself half a glass of wine then swirled it gently in his hand. The light fell on the wine glass and created a shadow. He fell in a daze as he stared at it without taking a sip. After a while, he said, “That young lady’s new shop opened today. Aren’t you going to take a look?”
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