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Chapter 1582 Who Wants to Be Your Father?

  • “Don’t think too much about it, Yuanyuan. When I came out, your brother was sleeping.”
  • Sleeping?
  • “Yishu would rather sleep than come out to meet me?”
  • Zhong Chufeng felt like punching himself in the face. What am I doing? Why can’t I even say the right things? He was trying to explain things, but he seemed to have made things worse. “It’s not like that, Yuanyuan. Your brother stayed up too late last night to study. When I was on the way out, I found him sleeping. So, I didn’t tell him that I was coming to find you.”
  • I hope that Yuanyuan will feel better after I say this. Then, he rubbed the back of Tang Yuanyuan’s head. “Alright, why are you overthinking this? Don’t you know how much that brother of yours dotes on you? Why would he not want to come see you?”
  • Tang Yuanyuan said nothing more. For one, she felt that it was an inappropriate topic to bring up under these circumstances while Fei was still in the emergency room. Also, she was tired and did not want to talk anymore.
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