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Chapter 857 What’s Mine Is Yours Too

  • The additional explanation made Ye Moxuan take another glance at Han Muzi. His expression was quite profound, but he didn’t know what to take from her words. After a moment of silence, he said in a soft voice, “You don’t have to explain anything to me.”
  • His tone was devoid of any emotions, so Han Muzi couldn’t tell what he was feeling. She looked at him in the eyes for a while before asking, “You don’t blame me for not telling you about my family?”
  • As the night had fallen, the street lamps were gradually lit up. The last ray of sun that shone through the sky was slowly replaced by the darkness. It was relatively quiet as Ye Moxuan slowly drove the car before he spoke, “The time will come when you want to tell me.”
  • His reply came after what seemed like a lengthy pause and Han Muzi didn’t know what to tell him. However, she felt that there wasn’t a huge change in Ye Moxuan’s emotions, so he probably did not blame her over this. After giving it a ponder, Han Muzi thought, Well, it’s just a phone call. What’s there to be angry about? I’m probably being too sensitive because I feel guilty. With that in Han Muzi’s mind, she allowed the thought to pass.
  • Soon, they had arrived at their new place. The environment around this neighborhood that Ye Moxuan found was serene. It was an apartment suite in a neighborhood that was better managed than the previous one and even had an access card to enter and exit the building.
  • Both of them took the elevator to the sixth floor. Throughout the entire journey, Ye Moxuan had been holding the luggage with one hand and her hand in another. When both of them walked out, Ye Moxuan said, “You are the only tenant on this floor. There won’t be any disturbances in the future.”
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