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Chapter 186 I Will Want You Dead

  • “That’s strange. Where’s Qi?” Han Xueyou wiped the water droplets off her face and asked.
  • The staff came over and helped her up. “Congratulations! You have won the women’s swimming competition!”
  • The light shone on her, making the water droplets on her body look even more dazzling. In that instant, she became the center of attention.
  • Han Xueyou was so excited that she forgot about Shen Qi, and faced the cameras with a triumphant grin.
  • Yan got out from the pool and took a towel to wipe her body. She went to where Shen Qi was last seen but could not find her after a long search, and the phone she gave Shen Qi was missing as well.
  • Yan was anxious and wondered where she went.
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