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Chapter 803 Why Are You Trying to Manage Her Private Life

  • Han Muzi didn’t try to guess what he was thinking; she simply changed her shoes and went inside. As she walked toward the kitchen, she said, “Take a seat. I’ll pour you a glass of water, then bring in the clothes for you.”
  • Bring in? Ye Moxuan seemed to have caught on to some important information. He didn’t sit down; instead, he stood in the living room and looked around.
  • Very quickly, she came out carrying a glass of warm water. “Drink this first, I-I’ll go and bring in your clothes.” After speaking, she walked in the direction of the balcony. She couldn’t just throw away the clothes he had left behind in her bathroom last night, so she decided to help him wash them and hung them out to dry.
  • As she was retrieving the clothes at the balcony, her heart trembled; she didn’t know if he would follow her out here and tease her for being a pervert. Fortunately, this time around, he didn’t. She finished retrieving the clothes and went back inside. “These are the clothes you left behind yesterday. On another note, I took your suit to the dry cleaner’s again. It will probably be ready by tomorrow.”
  • He looked at the clothes she had retrieved—she had even packed them carefully into bags—and just responded, “Okay.”
  • Han Muzi felt that it was strange when he didn’t say anything else after replying with an ‘Okay’. Two people sitting in the living room quietly also felt very strange. She felt that it was odd to continue sitting there, but he just sat there seemingly without any intention to leave. She could only say, “I’m going to wash and cook the rice. After that, I need to go to the department store downstairs to buy some fresh ingredients.”
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