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Chapter 260 Do I Not Treat Her Well?

  • When she was still deep asleep in the middle of the night, Shen Qi felt a tickling sensation on her back, but it felt oddly soothing. Someone seemed to be rubbing her wound, and her injury, which had been causing her pain and itchiness all along, somehow felt much better at that moment.
  • She was too sleepy, and so she didn’t even open her eyes aside from whimpering subconsciously.
  • Then the hand which was rubbing her back paused for a while. Ye Moxuan glanced at Shen Qi, who seemed deep in her sleep, before pouting. “Damn it. What on earth am I doing right now?”
  • She told me that she wants to divorce me because she can’t live with me, and after driving me up the wall, I am still worried-sick about her wound. Why am I sneaking around in the middle of the night to apply some medication over her wound after she’s gone to sleep?
  • This is...
  • This is an abomination! Why have I stooped to such a level?
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