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Chapter 991 We Can’t Even Cuddle to Sleep?

  • When Han Muzi was about to turn around, she stopped and turned back after hearing what Yan said. Once again, she walked up to the door, planning to knock on it again. But, at this point, she recalled Yan's words, and what Ye Moxuan told her earlier. Alas, Han Muzi decided not to do it. Perhaps Yan genuinely needed some time to herself to clear her mind. When tomorrow came, she might be able to think things through.
  • Many times in life, one would have to let go of things even when they were most reluctant to. If falling for Han Qing made Yan suffer and lose herself, then… if she was able to see that clearly today and completely give up on him, this might be a good thing for Yan.
  • At this point, Han Muzi whispered, "That's fine; you go ahead and have some time to yourself. When you’re done, send me a text. I'll go back and rest now."
  • When Han Muzi went back to her room, only ten minutes had passed. She reckoned that Ye Moxuan would still be awake, but to her surprise, when she got back, Ye Moxuan was already sound asleep, breathing steadily in his bed. He did not even notice her when she walked over. It seemed like he was exhausted after these couple of days.
  • Then, Han Muzi proceeded to take a shower and went to bed quietly. Just so that she would not wake Ye Moxuan up, she lay on the other side of the bed. After a while, she felt the warm touch of a pair of hands on her waist. Before she could react, they had already wrapped around her tightly.
  • This frightened Han Muzi. When she was about to turn over, she heard a deep and hoarse voice. "Why don't you come closer? If you're just lying in the corner, what happens if you catch a cold tonight?"
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