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Chapter 541 Dance With Me

  • “You—mmph!” Han Muzi wanted to explain herself, but her lips were pressed down the minute she opened her mouth. Her breath was savagely taken away which blocked all her words from coming out.
  • In the dark, the man was in control of her.
  • As Han Muzi slowly came back to her senses, she gave him a hard shove.
  • Ye Moxuan staggered a few steps back, but soon after, he was back on her. At this moment, Han Muzi had found the light switch beside her and quickly pressed it.
  • The light was restored in the room. Han Muzi could finally see the man clearly and realized that he was wearing a silver mask with familiar decorations on its sides.
  • The sudden restoration of lights stunned Ye Moxuan, but he came around in a flash. He squinted his eyes underneath the mask as he gave the silent Han Muzi a thorough look.
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