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Chapter 505 Inferior

  • “Are you willing to hear me out?” Han Muzi was caught by surprise. He didn’t want me to change my mind yesterday. Why is he asking if I have something to say now?
  • Ye Moxuan wrapped an arm around her waist while asking her affectionately, “Let’s hear it.”
  • Han Muzi was rendered speechless by his response.
  • Han Muzi wanted to push him away, but his arm was like a chain which was slithered around her waist securely. In the end, she gave up and stated, “I can give her a chance, but… I would like to meet her before court.”
  • If Ye Moxuan is willing to give her another chance, I’d like to see what Lin Qingqing’s thoughts are right now. I wonder if she has had a change of heart after being in custody for the past few days.
  • Maybe she hasn’t changed. Or perhaps she hates me even more now.
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