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Chapter 711 Are You Blocking My Way Too?

  • Yan shook her head. “Didn’t I tell you…”
  • “Yan, if you still think of me as your best friend, then stop doing all these unnecessary things to delay my time or block my way.”
  • Han Muzi’s voice sharpened—even her eyes had become stern. Yan, who was a former employee at Ye Moxuan’s company, thought Han Muzi’s gaze looked exactly like Ye Moxuan’s. Her heart was filled with mixed emotions, but thinking about Ye Moxuan’s accident, she gritted her teeth and mustered up her courage to continue explaining, “How could I not think of you as my best friend? It’s exactly because you are my best friend that I can’t watch you go out looking like this! Muzi, don’t rush, alright? Let me fix your makeup first. You are the bride!”
  • Han Muzi’s expression darkened. “Really? Am I the bride? At a wedding without the groom?”
  • Yan didn’t reply to Muzi.
  • “Did something happen?” Han Muzi asked again.
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