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Chapter 1462 Becomes Domineering

  • “About that, she called me today. She said since we have been dating for so long now, she and my dad want to meet you.” As Jiang Xiaobai finished, she studied the look in Xiao Su’s eyes and his expression carefully. She frowned immediately when she noticed he didn’t reply. “Why don’t you say something? Don’t tell me you don’t want to meet them?”
  • Xiao Su snapped out of his daze when he heard that. He pursed his thin lips. “No, that’s not it. What time tomorrow?”
  • “If you agree, then I’ll call and ask them about the time later.”
  • “Okay, tell me the time after you’ve asked them.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai didn’t leave. She stared at his face instead. “Don’t you think it’s kind of a rush for you to meet them now?” After all, both of them just started dating not long ago. Besides, if it wasn’t because of that incident when they both got drunk that night, they wouldn’t have been together.
  • Xiao Su thought it was another trick question. In fact, he, of course, thought it wasn’t too rushed meeting her parents now. However, he couldn’t simply reply to her, or else, he wasn’t sure what the woman would say to retort him again. So, after pondering for a moment, he said, “Whether it’s rushed or not, I’ll listen to you anyway.”
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