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Chapter 488 A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

  • "No." Han Muzi shook her head. "It was not me who was injured."
  • Hearing that, Leng Yueyue widened her eyes doubtfully. "I heard from Yan that you were not injured, but I also heard that Lin Qingqing splashed sulfuric acid. That woman is really terrifying. We must never take clients like her in the future."
  • "Client?" Han Muzi whispered the two words before showing a faint smile. "Of course not. Even if she wants to be our client in the future, she probably won't stand a chance."
  • Lin Qingqing had hurt people using sulfuric acid this time. Even though she was not injured, Ye Moxuan was.
  • According to Ye Moxuan's temperament, he would definitely not let her go. Besides, even if he didn't take any revenge, Han Muzi would not let her go. The thought of Ye Moxuan's injuries on the back had infuriated her inexplicably.
  • "What do you mean by this? Have you figured out a way?"
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