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Chapter 1015 I Have Nothing to Do With Her

  • Standing outside the room, Han Muzi looked at the person lying inside through the glass. It was a different Meng Xueyou than the one she saw before. She had changed into the psychiatric patient uniform, and her body had been cleaned. Her pale skin could once again be seen. But there were a lot of scars on her pale skin. Scratch marks, burn scars, and all other kinds of wounds… Even though scabs had already been formed, these injuries were all over the place—on her neck, her wrist, and even her face. It was a truly terrifying sight.
  • Han Muzi felt that she could hardly breathe. At this moment, a gentle hand came and covered her eyes. "If you're scared, stop looking." It was Ye Moxuan, who was standing behind her and speaking gently.
  • Han Muzi was silent for a moment before pulling Ye Moxuan's hands down and shaking her head gently. "I'm fine; I’m just a little shocked by how badly she's injured."
  • Perhaps Ye Moxuan was able to read between the lines, for he frowned slightly. "Are you not close with her?"
  • Han Muzi did not respond. Instead, she let out a gentle smile as her gaze was still on Meng Xueyou.
  • At this point, Meng Xueyou looked peaceful as she was unconscious. This reminded Han Muzi of the past when the two were still best friends. They would have sleepovers where they would lie next to each other. Han Muzi even remembered that she would always wake up earlier than Meng Xueyou. Meng Xueyou was cranky and would always kick her blanket away when asleep. As a result, every morning when Han Muzi got up, she would tuck her back into her blanket. The way she used to look when she was asleep was exactly how she looked right now. Everything was just like before.
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