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Chapter 863 Song An’s Appearance

  • Hence, both the Yuchi and Duanmu Families sent their subordinates in search of Duanmu Xue. However, Han Muzi was oblivious to what was going on because she had something more important to attend to, and that happened to be Ye Moxuan’s aunt because she decided to come over for a visit.
  • Han Muzi spoke to her over the phone during lunch and she was quite shocked when Song An agreed to fly over. Initially, she thought that Song An was reluctant to come over to help because she took so long to decide. Thus, it was unexpected that she agreed in the end.
  • After that, Han Muzi summarized the recent events in short for Song An while informing her about the current situation. Song An remained quiet for a very long time before finally breaking the silence. “Pick me up from the airport with him.”
  • Han Muzi was conflicted when she heard that. “Aunty Song, he doesn’t remember who you are now. Are you telling him the truth? I—”
  • “I understand where you are coming from. Don’t worry because I won’t tell him the truth. However, I’m his aunt and I just want to meet him. I would like to see how he is now.”
  • Han Muzi was confident that Song An would never harm Yuchi Shen and she agreed to her request swiftly. It should not be a problem to get Ye Moxuan to accompany me to the airport to pick someone up. However, I’m not sure if he might recognize his aunt because Song Xin’s original name was Yuchi Xin. What if the Yuchi Family had kept him informed about this matter?
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