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Chapter 1355 Can We Talk?

  • Yan sat in an empty room at the ramen restaurant all day. She made countless mistakes that day—from taking the wrong order to serving the wrong customer. The more she tried to help, the more of a mess she made. The workers at the restaurant could not bear to watch her any longer. They grouped up and brought her to a vacant private room on the second floor to let her rest.
  • Once Yan sat down, she stayed sprawled over the table and was completely out of it. She felt her belly every now and then while having an empty look in her eyes. How could this happen at a time like this? If I had known about it sooner, I wouldn’t be stuck in this situation here right now.
  • She became more torn up the more she thought about it. Although she had no intention of falling asleep, her eyelids felt heavy from not getting any sleep the night before. Whenever she closed her eyes, she would hear in her mind, Xu Yanwan is Han Qing’s fiancée. You’re the third person! It kept her awake the whole time. Nonetheless, she was pregnant and she had stayed up many nights before that, which made her exhausted.
  • Alas, Yan finally fell asleep on the table, but she had a nightmare. In her nightmare, Xu Yanwan forced her against a wall and snapped, “I’m the one who should be by his side. I’m his fiancée. Who do you think you are? You’re just the third person. Do you think you even have a fighting chance?”
  • Then, all the workers at the Han Group pointed at her and mocked her.
  • “Oh my gosh! She’s so shameless to get involved in someone else’s love affair. Is it nice being a mistress? How can a girl do something like that? She has no shame or dignity!”
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