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Chapter 1057 Bad News That Spread Like Wildfire

  • "Are… you planning on staying over?"
  • Little Bean blinked innocently. "May I, Aunt Yan?" He had already informed his great-grandfather that he would be spending some time with Aunt Yan before going back to be with him.
  • As Yuchi Jin had not been back for a long time, his daughter Song An had been accompanying him recently. At least he still had his daughter by his side now that his great-grandson was not around. Even though his daughter was harsh and was rarely nice to him, her presence was enough to make him happy.
  • "Of course, you can stay here as long as you want." Then, Yan helped Little Bean carry his duffel bag and brought him upstairs. Coincidentally, she ran into the nosy Mrs. Zhang from next door. "Oh, dear! Yan, is your friend's son here again?"
  • Yan nodded mechanically and forced a dull smile. "Mrs. Zhang."
  • "Hi, Mrs. Zhang."
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