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Chapter 691 The Person Involved Doesn’t Even Know the Situation

  • When Han Muzi went to work on Monday, she noticed, from afar, a huge crowd had gathered in front of the entrance of the company. She was surprised. What was going on?
  • It was abnormal for so many people to be gathered around her company so early in the morning—they did not have that many clients. Even if they had that many clients, they wouldn’t gather in a crowd like this.
  • As they got closer, she recognized the posture of these people. She remembered it from the time she was overseas and had often been chased after by the paparazzi—they were all reporters.
  • What’s going on? Did something happen to the company? She asked Ye Moxuan’s driver to stop the car somewhere nearby, then called Yan. There should have been others who had arrived earlier than her considering she wasn’t early to work today. Thus, she had better ask them about the situation first.
  • Just as she prepared to make the call, her phone started ringing. She took a look at the screen and saw that it was Yan calling. She answered the call immediately.
  • As soon as she pressed the button to answer the call—before she could even say anything—she heard Yan’s anxious voice coming through the phone. “Muzi, have you arrived at the company? If you haven’t, then take your time. There’s a lot of reporters at the entrance of our company.”
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