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Chapter 590 The One Who Protected Her

  • A moment later, Han Muzi turned around and lightly coughed. “Come on in then.”
  • Ye Moxuan entered and closed the door behind him.
  • “I am about to cook dinner. Feel free to change into the pair of flip-flops and wait for me in the living room,” she explained while she headed off to the kitchen. After she spoke, she closed the door to the kitchen, hiding from him.
  • As she waited for the pot of water to boil, she stared at the water in a daze. She regretted that she sent an invite to Ye Moxuan for dinner in the spur of the moment. Plus, she hadn’t expected him to read the message either.
  • What a jerk you are, Ye Moxuan. She scolded him in her heart but, at the same time, she was enthusiastic because she had someone to accompany her for dinner. Halfway through her cooking, he suddenly opened the kitchen door and entered.
  • Han Muzi was shocked. “Why did you come in here?”
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