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Chapter 1251 Are You a Woman?

  • That was what Han Qing meant, but when his words fell into Yan’s ears, she had a different interpretation of them. All she knew from her perspective was that he’d denied this being a marriage proposal. Although it was a misunderstanding, and the two of them had only dated for a short time which didn’t bring them to the stage of proposing marriage, she still felt a tad dejected. “D-D-Don’t worry. I’m not hoping that you’ll propose. I was just simply spouting nonsense earlier. I…” Taking a deep breath, she hung her head, feeling slightly crestfallen. “So, you truly don’t need me to help you out?” she asked in a low voice. “Actually…” She raised her fair and petite face, her cheeks scarlet. “Even if we don’t get married in the future, I’m willing at this very moment in time.”
  • When she said this, her eyes were shimmering, inducing great arousal in men. Even without being drugged, a man would still crave her, what was more Han Qing who was currently drugged. If possible, he didn’t want to restrain himself. However, he hadn’t lost his sanity, so how could he take advantage of the woman he loved at such a time? As his thoughts came to this, he again reached out and stroked her head. “We can’t do it even if you’re willing. When it comes to such a matter, it’s the girl who’ll be on the losing end. In the future, you can’t act as you’re doing now whenever or wherever. Do you understand?”
  • Yan bit her lower lip, looking very much pitiful. “What would you do, then? A night is a very long time. Can you endure it?” She glanced behind him. “Plus, it’ll be bad for your body if you take cold showers all night long.”
  • “I won’t take cold showers anymore, then. I’ll just stay up tonight. You go and take a shower, then rest earlier.”
  • Yan still wanted to counter him, but Han Qing pushed her into the bathroom. Feeling extremely depressed, she heaved a sigh while leaning against the sink. She’d said everything she could think of, yet he still held himself back. Knowing that he would never change his mind regardless of whatever else she said tonight, she could only sigh before consigning herself to fate and taking a shower. After she was done showering, she realized she didn’t bring her clothes in, so she went out with a towel wrapped around her body. The room was silent, and Han Qing was nowhere to be found. She searched the entire place before discovering him on the balcony in the cold breeze. Fine, he’d rather weather the cold breeze than to touch me. What a block of ice who doesn’t know anything about being romantic!
  • She went back to the room in a cloud of despondency. No matter what, her emotions remained turbulent. In the end, she couldn’t take it any longer, so she grabbed her cell phone and started surfing the Internet. She created a private side ID and posted a thread on a love forum, detailing everything that had happened tonight. Subsequently, a bunch of night owls actively participated in the discussion.
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