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Chapter 1134 Wait for Me

  • Thinking about it, Su Jiu let out a sigh inwardly. If yesterday didn’t turn out as he had wished, then... Her suspicions were confirmed when Yan still hadn’t showed up at the company by noon. The person whom he is waiting for hasn’t come. Looks like he didn’t handle yesterday’s incident well and instead, it became worse?
  • Su Jiu couldn’t help but think of the possible reasons. That day, after she questioned the receptionist, she felt that the receptionist wasn’t lying when the latter told her about the conversation between them. Su Jiu also felt that judging from Yan’s lively personality, the latter wouldn’t be angered by the words of those women. Even if she was really angered by them, it had nothing to do with Han Qing because it was the women’s fault.
  • Although Su Jiu wasn’t that close with Yan, they had still known each other for so long, so she knew that the latter wouldn’t be simply angered. If I exclude that possibility, then the only reason stems from that night at the party.
  • Su Jiu had sent Yan to the party that night, but she never exactly left afterward as she found a place to hide and only left after Han Qing came to pick Yan up. As Su Jiu observed the scene, she even felt that he was jealous and thought, Maybe these two will be together in a few days’ time. That would be nice, though. Han Qing has been single for so long that it’s time for him to get a girl.
  • However, no one expected that it would end up like this after just one night. So, the question is, what actually happened that night? She couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it. What happened that night that caused their relationship to be soured?
  • She knocked on Han Qing’s office door in the evening.
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