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Chapter 292 Strangers From Now On

  • Shen Qi had never expected that all of this would happen.
  • "Let go." Shen Qi's tone became cold and decisive.
  • Han Xueyou shook her head and hugged Shen Qi's legs tightly. "Qi, don't you feel sorry for me? I will really die because of this! I will really die!"
  • Shen Qi bit her lower lip. In the end, she still couldn't control the tears that flowed down her cheeks like a broken dam.
  • "Your life belongs to no one but you. If you don't value it yourself, you have no right to ask others to value it." Shen Qi bit her lower lip and gulped before suddenly turning around. "Han Xueyou, tell me why should I do that? Your life belongs to you. You called me over, telling me that you wanted to see me for one last time, and it turned out that you attempted suicide in the bathtub. I sent you to the hospital and rescued your life, but you blamed me for that. Now, you even threaten me with your life, which I just saved, saying that you don't have the will to live anymore unless I give you my husband! Han Xueyou, if I haven’t known you for so many years, I wouldn’t have believed that this is you!" Shen Qi bellowed.
  • Han Xueyou remained silent, stunned by Shen Qi's outburst. She stared blankly at Shen Qi with tears on her face and eyes that were red and puffy.
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