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Chapter 993 Safekeeping

  • A cold breeze blew past, while the lobby manager of the hotel quickly came out and welcomed Han Qing after seeing him at the entrance. “President Han, you’re finally here. I’ve been expecting your arrival after receiving the notice.” The lobby manager was Chinese. The way he spoke Mandarin was a bit odd—probably because he had been here for a long time—but it did not affect the conversation.
  • Han Qing nodded his head to greet him, then said to Xiao Su, "I’ll take my leave first.”
  • Xiao Su had no reason to stop him and could only look at the hotel manager as he carried Han Qing’s luggage and led the way. After that, Xiao Su stayed under the cold wind for a while before turning around to leave.
  • As Yuchi Jin had allowed them to leave and even gave her an expensive necklace, Han Muzi started preparing to go home. She was not rushing back like Han Qing was. She discussed with Ye Moxuan for a bit and booked the flight tickets to go back home five days later as there were still many things here that needed to be dealt with. They would still be able to make it for the Lantern Festival when they got back.
  • Han Muzi thought that the necklace given by Yuchi Jin was too expensive and wanted to return it to him. Unexpectedly, Ye Moxuan said, “Since Grandfather has given it to you, you should just keep it.”
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