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Chapter 1652 Let Me Go This Once

  • Zhang Ningwu watched the both of them hold hands and leave together. The part that left her defeated was how he had grabbed Tang Yuanyuan’s hand first. With a sullen look, she returned to where Mrs. Zhang was and chuckled.
  • “I told you. There was no way he didn’t have a partner unless he had some peculiar preferences.”
  • Mrs. Zhang patted her shoulder. “I didn’t think of that. There was also a rumor that the Tang Family’s daughter was a fatty so I figured he couldn’t possibly like her. Who knew she would suddenly become so thin? And so pretty…” She sighed. “Looks like she has grown up into a beautiful lady.”
  • Zhang Ningwu snorted. “Even if she was fat and did not stand a chance, I wouldn’t have stood a chance either. Exceptional men are rare to women. A man like him would have had women eyeing him a long time ago. It makes me scared to even think about it. I don’t want to get ripped into pieces in the process.”
  • “You’re not thinking about it but there are people who are, silly girl.” Mrs. Zhang shot her a sidelong glance. “Forget it. You’re not even half as pretty as her yet. Let’s go. We’re changing targets. Let’s see if there are other decent men.”
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