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Chapter 1412 Are You Trying to Pick a Fight With Me?

  • As Jiang Xiaobai expected, Xiao Su came home with an entirely dry body.
  • The main lights in the house were off, but the dim yellow light at the corner of the room still shed light on the surrounding furniture. Xiao Su used to return to a completely dark house when he had to stay back for work, but since Jiang Xiaobai moved in, she made sure that the dim yellow light would be on, no matter how late it was when he returned.
  • Although it was a dim light, it was still the light that guided Xiao Su home in the late night.
  • Xiao Su unbuttoned his suit and left it on the side of the couch.
  • The sound of the room door being opened was heard as Jiang Xiaobai rubbed her sleepy eyes in a daze and walked out of the room, asking, “You’re home. What time is it now?”
  • “It’s already twelve. Why did you wake up?”
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