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Chapter 1111 Putting Himself In Her Shoes

  • Ye Moxuan remained silent upon hearing that. What’s on her mind that she can’t tell me directly?
  • Seeing Ye Moxuan frown while looking deep in thought, Song An decided to remind her nephew, “Use your analytical thinking in business to ponder on Han Muzi’s situation right now or try to think in her shoes. You’ll probably know why.”
  • Again, Ye Moxuan remained silent upon hearing that.
  • “Okay, my task is completed now. I’ll be going to meet the old man back home since he just texted me.”
  • Silence fell in the room at night as the husband and wife lay on the bed quietly; Han Muzi had her back facing Ye Moxuan, who sighed internally as he looked at the woman in front of him. Although she had allowed him to enter the room, it was pitch dark as soon as Ye Moxuan entered. The lamp was not switched on and even the curtains were closed, causing him to see nothing at all.
  • Ye Moxuan asked in a low voice without moving, “Why didn’t you switch on some lights?”
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