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Chapter 1189 Naming

  • Song An did not recommend breastfeeding Little Sprout. The reason for that was if Han Muzi breastfed the baby, she would constantly need to wake up during the night. Sometimes, she would even need to breastfeed during mealtimes. Therefore, it was more troublesome and would be harder on her body. Accordingly, Song An suggested feeding the baby powdered milk instead. That way, Han Muzi would have a chance to rest. At the same time, Ye Moxuan would become a qualified stay-at-home dad.
  • Han Muzi understood that Song An was saying that for her own good. However, she had breastfed Little Bean in the past and intended to continue doing so with her second child. Thus, she did not adopt this suggestion.
  • “It’s okay; it won’t last that long anyway. We’ll let her drink breast milk.”
  • Song An blinked. “Have you already thought about it?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Alright then.” Song An turned toward Ye Moxuan, who was standing nearby. “Even though she is breastfeeding, as a father, you need to help out as much as you can. Take care of her emotions, do you understand? Women who just conceived are susceptible to postpartum depression! If the baby has any issues or needs in the middle of the night, you need to wake up to help out as well!”
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