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Chapter 948 I Won’t Disturb Her

  • Han Muzi was left alone at home after Yan and Han Qing left. The especially cheerful and crowded living room from last night suddenly felt empty, and it appeared especially dull and lifeless.
  • Han Muzi hesitated before walking toward the bay window to draw the curtains to allow the winter sun light up the living room. The entire apartment felt warmer visually with the copious sunlight. Han Muzi smiled happily, and she phoned Little Bean after her meal. After their phone call, she started feeling sleepy, and so she decided to go back to her room for a nap.
  • It feels inappropriate to sleep the entire day on the first day of Chinese New Year. It doesn’t matter, come to think of it. I don't have friends and families here after all. Even if I were to celebrate Chinese New Year back home in China, there aren’t many family members there too.
  • Hence, after weighing her options, Han Muzi was reassured, and she returned to her bedroom for a nap. She did not have enough time to rest recently, and so she had not been well rested. Besides, she was not able to sleep soundly due to some issues which were bothering her. In any case, everyone is here with me now. I shouldn't be losing any sleep over anything. Soon, Han Muzi fell sound asleep.
  • Ye Moxuan returned with Little Bean after their meal, and they even packed some afternoon snacks for Han Muzi. However, Little Bean noticed that Han Muzi was still asleep when he went to check on her in her bedroom. Thus, he closed the door stealthily and placed the snacks on the table. “Daddy, Mommy is still sleeping. You must not disturb her!” Little Bean instructed Ye Moxuan.
  • Ye Moxuan kept a blank expression; in fact, he did not respond to his son’s stern warnings. Little Bean placed his hands on his hips. “Bad daddy! Did you hear me?”
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