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Chapter 218 A Difficult One-Sided Love

  • "You got a problem with that?" Ye Moxuan glanced at her.
  • Shen Qi did not dare to say that there was a problem, of course. She just felt quite strange that Ye Moxuan actually wanted to go with them. Based on her understanding of his personality, she thought he would force her to reschedule with Yan on another day and ask her to get into the car.
  • I didn't expect that… Anyway, it was really a surprise.
  • By sitting in the co-driver seat, Yan thought she was being considerate by leaving the backseat for the two of them. However, to her surprise, neither of them said anything until they reached the destination. During this period, Yan secretly looked back and saw that Ye Moxuan had an indifferent expression on his face, and his eyes were as cold as ice; sitting not far from him, Shen Qi also looked emotionless.
  • If she didn't know that they were husband and wife, Yan would have thought that they were strangers.
  • It was quite awkward indeed.
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