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Chapter 885 You’re Not My Granddaughter

  • His grip was so strong that Duanmu Xue thought her shoulder was about to crumble under its force. She wanted to yell out in pain but the moment she looked up, she saw his dark eyes looming over her. As such, she quickly became too frightened to say a word. She did not have her shoes on when she was dragged out and just followed behind him barefoot.
  • Duanmu Zhe did not look back at her even once. His presence was so overwhelming that she almost suffocated. It was perhaps her first time seeing her brother in that state.
  • When they got in the car, Duanmu Zhe ordered her to put her seatbelt on. Not daring to defy him, she simply complied obediently. The air felt heavy throughout the drive. When they arrived home and the car came to a stop, she suddenly felt scared and was unwilling to get out. Duanmu Zhe might not reprimand her for what she did, but her Grandfather? He would not let her off that easily.
  • Duanmu Xue refused to unfasten her seatbelt and stayed seated inside the car. Seeing this, Duanmu Zhe said to her bleakly, “We’re already home. It’s too late even if you regret it now. Do you want to get out on your own or should I get someone to get you out of there?” There was no hint of affection in his question. If she did not answer him, he was going to find someone to get her out of the car right away.
  • “I’ll give you ten seconds.” He gave her an ultimatum without waiting for her to answer.
  • Since she did not have another choice, she reluctantly got out of the car under his watchful gaze then followed him inside. As they walked, she started to cry. “Zhe, I know what I did was wrong. Can you beg Grandfather for mercy on my behalf?”
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